To Resell Existing Spaces

Occasionally, owners of deeded spaces decide that they will not be using their purchased plots or niches. Two options are available in that case.


1) The spaces may be donated back to the Cemetery for a tax write-off at current market price.


2) The spaces may be re-sold to individuals desiring to secure spaces in the Bella Vista Memorial Garden Cemetery. Please note that a processing fee of $50 per deed is required.

Each new buyer must print and fill out an Application. The seller should print and fill out a Resell Form for each space being re-sold and return the form, along with the original deed(s), the processing fee of $50 per deed, and new-buyer application(s), to


POB 5723

Bella Vista AR 72714


The original deeds will be canceled and new deeds will be issued to the new owners.


For more information, contact

Cemetery Manager James Rather



Resell Form
Form for reselling deeded spaces.
Adobe Acrobat document [367.1 KB]
BVCAB Application.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [463.9 KB]